Calling all CAPITAL ONE Credit Steps People !!!

Calling all CAPITAL ONE Credit Steps People !!!Calling all CAPITAL ONE Credit Steps People !!!
Yaltahelp asked 4 years ago

Hi all!!   So I recently opened 2 Capital One accounts — Plaitnum $ 500 and QS1 $ 500 and am enrolled in Credit Steps.  I am told that by my 6th month each card will go up to $ 750 with responsible use and on time payments.  However, Ive seen MANY people here on the program get INSANE increases even 3 months in, or at the 6 month mark.  Some as high as a $ 4000 CLI on a $ 1000 limit!!  Now, here’s the thing — in 2 weeks i;ve already charged each card up to 75%, and PIF on one already, and paid the other down to 15% UTIL.  I will leave those until statement cuts, then do that monthly — high usage, high payments.  I’m told this is what triggers a larger CLI (even a senior CSR stated this from the EO!).


I’d like to see other’s experiences with the STEPS program.  What was your initial CL?  How did you use the card?  what and WHEN was your first CLI ?  Was it bigger than expected ?  As a side note, my scores are rising daily — TU 606 EQ (my lowest always!) 573 and EX 622, all up from low 500’s just months ago!  Overall UTIL on all my cards is ~ 57% (0% APR offers!!  APPLE Financing mainly).   Please chime in !  I’d love to see where you all stood and now stand, and any advice on getting that big CLI is much appreicated!!  

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