Bye bye Buy Power

Bye bye Buy PowerBye bye Buy Power
Daursessy asked 3 years ago

Back last June i received a mailer stating pre approval. Like many, I liked the idea of obtaining a World Elite MasterCard. But unfortunately like many, it came with a ridiculously low starting limit of $ 300. Being a trooper and since I had wasted a HP, I used it and paid it frequently to keep uti low. I thought possibly I would receive some auto cli luv, but no. Since getting this card my scores have improved enough that I have increased my available credit quite a bit. Enough so that closing a $ 300 card would not adversely affect my utilization. I called Cap 1 this morning and asked if I could possibly obtain a cli increase via soft pull. The friendly front line rep stated that she would have to transfer me to credit to inquire with them. The lady explained it was an automated process and that it would likely require a HP. I figured at this point, if I could get the HP done on my TU report which sits at 757, I could maybe stand a chance of getting the CLI. I asked her which CRA they pull from. She stated it was random. While my EQ and EX scores are good, they aren’t 757 good as is the TU. I decided it wasn’t worth it and asked to just close the account. Had to be transferred back to the other department and was disconnected in the process. Called back and asked for my card to be closed. Got the standard song and dance, and asking if I wanted to speak with someone else. I stated that I did not, that I had already been through that and got disconnected. The rep was nice, stated she would process my request today and I will receive a letter in the mail within 7-10 days showing it has been cancelled at my request and the balance is $ 0.


I really wanted to keep the card because of the WEMC classification, but it just makes no sense at that credit limit. It’s just not even usable.

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