Buying an Insurance Agency

Buying an Insurance AgencyBuying an Insurance Agency
NikkiTut asked 5 years ago

Let me start by saying at the age of 33 I finally started to care about my credit score. Before then I got by just fine paying cash or doing buy here pay here Cars. Well something happened between 2008 and 2010. I got divorced and realized if I wanted the life I deserved I needed to start making some head way. In 2011 I went out and found a company to give me a auto loan (CNAC) out of Indiana. They pulled my credit and it was anything but a thing of beauty. Mid 400’s tons and of bad stuff. I’ve been working on it ever since. My last scores from what I can tell still aren’t where I need them. 609,608 and 597. I have been hand picked from my boss to buy an existing insurance agency and the problem is I need to finance the book for him to get out of the loan without penalty. I’ve still got a few collection accounts on my record for 2010, and one kinda recent utility reporting from 18 months ago for unreturned equipment. I’ve got and maintain a 100% on time payment history for the past 4 years but my credit score is still very low. I’ve got 5 revolving account (4 credit cards and finger hut) (two cards with a $ 500 credit line, one credit card with a 600 and recently my wife added me to her credit card with a 1300) ( fingerhut has a $ 2k limit with a $ 1k balance). 2 installment loans ( motorcylce and truck ). I’ve got about 5 credit pulls reporting on each bureau. Does anyone know where an insurance company wants your credit score to finance a book of business and what else can I do to boost my score?

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