Buying a house after bankruptcy

Buying a house after bankruptcyBuying a house after bankruptcy
divanTarma asked 5 years ago

In January 2013, I was discharged from a Chapter 7 in which I had my name removed from the house I was living in with my ex (he said all he wanted was the house anyway). 

Now, I am in a home I want to buy and put in my name (a friend bought it and it is currently in her name… she’s helping me out till I can get back on my feet from all of this). How long do I need to wait? I have credit in a lot of places ($ 1000 Best Buy, Credit One, Star Bank VIsa, Menards, WalMart, Fingerhut, Etc….), paid off my jeep, have student loans, all of which I am keeping up on with no issue.

But I am lacking this one certain thing. Being able to get my home in my name. 

I was told since I filed bankruptcy BEFORE giving up the house, it will take longer than if I had given up the house before the bankruptcy? I am really not sure about all that.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you in advance!

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