Built a Mortgage Calculator Site – Feedback Appreciated.

Built a Mortgage Calculator Site – Feedback Appreciated.Built a Mortgage Calculator Site – Feedback Appreciated.
richeventtula asked 5 years ago



Hello everyone!  My wife and I have been house shopping and while doing so I was appalled by how bad many of the Mortgage Calculator websites were! 


Most of them just give you the estimate of the principal and interest payment and don’t even mention what else can go in to the monthly cost of a mortgage.  A lot these sites also seems to have a lot of ads and/or were created specifically to be monetized.  And I haven’t found one of them yet that is mobile friendly like mine is.  You can literally pull it up on your phone while viewing a home and calculate what your monthly payment would be. 


Please take a look at the site and let me know what you would change and what you think should be added.  For instance, is the ability to see how an extra payment would affect your loan valuable?  Would you want to have the ability to click on a button and send an email summary of the calculations to yourself?

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