Brother as Auth User: Cash Advances, Car Rental—–Geeze

Brother as Auth User: Cash Advances, Car Rental—–GeezeBrother as Auth User: Cash Advances, Car Rental—–Geeze
richeventtula asked 4 years ago

It’s been a rough month or so and a lot of lessons learned. I was approved for the Barclay+, I was able to meet spend with the help of my brother. Since everything was going smoothly I applied for the AMEX PRG and the Chase Marriott (total of 3,000 spend needed) I made my brother an authorized user. The first couple of weeks of him having the cards things were great; he would charge and give me the money right away. At that moment he had the Arrival + and the Marriott.


On a Sunday morning I logged into my Chase account and noticed a cash advance that totaled 323.99, I freaked and he paid me the money immediately. A week later I receive a text message in the morning that stated I took out a cash advance on the Arrival+, take the money that I have at your house and pay I don’t want to hear nothing more about it. I immediately logged into my account and noticed 3 cash advances that totaled almost 900 not including the cash advance fee.


Instead of taking part of his savings to pay for the Arrival+ I did a balance transfer to my Amazon Visa that totaled a 1,000. Our agreement is he pays 200 dollars a month. I hope the urge to gamble taught him a lesson. To top things off he rented a car with the Marriott and instead of renting it a week he decided to rent it for a month. A week and half ago I removed him as an authorized user on my Marriott. I called chase to see if there was any pending charges, Enterprise specifically. There was no pending charges, according to Chase Enterprise can’t charge my new credit card number because they don’t have the new number. I hope this is accurate.


The car is getting returned tonight and I’m so nervous that I’m going to be slapped with a large bill.  The car is not under my name and he only paid with the Marriott but the pre-auth expired the first week because he decided to keep it for a month. Is there anyway Enterprise could charge my new card number? I’m preparing myself for the worse. My brother doesn’t understand credit or values credit. At the present moment he has paid all balances in full other than the balance transfer. I’ve taken all credit cards back, changed all numbers, and removed him as an authorized user. Any input is appreciated.



I called Barclay two weeks ago: I asked if I could transfer 1,000 from my RMC to the Arrival + and close out my RMC. The CSR suggested I keep the RMC at 300 and move the 1,000 over. He said that is should show in my account in 5 minutes. Well the following day I noticed my RMC still at 1,300 and my Arrival + at 6,000, I’m guessing it was a SP CLI.

I contact Walmart via chat and received a CLI limit increase of 3,000 bringing my total limit to 7,000. I decided to contact Barclay tonight and ask for a SP CLI on my RMC and they granted 700, total now is 2,000.

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