BOA/FIA CLIs and Recon?

BOA/FIA CLIs and Recon?BOA/FIA CLIs and Recon?
Bsaiierapi asked 4 years ago

So just had a few TU inquiries fall off this month and decided I could spare one or two HP’s.  Decided to log onto my BOA Travel Rewards account to ask for a CLI.  CL was 12K…….requested 25K; they countered with $ 20.5K.  Great!


Should have called it a night, but got greedy and decided to do the same with my Fidelity AMEX card (CL also at 12K).  Got the dreaded 7-10 day message.  Should I bother with recon?  Or maybe I’ve reached my internal limit? Has anyone had sucess getting 2 CLIs with BOA/FIA within a 24 hour period?

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