BOA what to do with them

BOA what to do with themBOA what to do with them
asked 4 years ago

I’m doing decently right now TU 714 EQ 698 EX 710 FICO 08.  I have a good mix of credit and good trade lines.


Discover 18.5K

Citi AA 6.6K

Citi DP 4k

Lowes 12k

Cap 1 Venture 15k

Cap 1 QS 5k

Cap 1 Plat 1.5k

Walmart 3k

Overstock 6.6K


Good old BOA Platinum MC. I had a 6k line with them. I’ve been a customer since 1999. My oldest trade line. 11.99% interest rate.


They balanced chased me back in August after making a 2k payment from 6k to 3.5k, jacked my util to hell, put me over limit and in general dissappointed me.


My util was higher at the time 60% now down to 30% and dropping as I pay off accounts. They had my income level wrong as well.  Spoke with back door analyst and got everything update. No restoration of credit line will be a HP.  New cards HP.  Changing product HP.  Can’t combine HP’s either. Interest rate reduction HP!


Account is currently PIF. Is it worth even bothering to raise my limit, convert card or add trade lines with them or should I just leave the account alone and move on to other lenders?

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