BOA preapproval

BOA preapprovalBOA preapproval
asked 4 years ago

I have been in the garden for 5 months. Almost 6.

I went onto BOA’s site and tried the preapproval.
It says

Jackie, we recommend
BankAmericard® Visa® Card

0% Introductory APR on purchases and qualifying balance transfers for 15 billing cycles; after that 10.99-20.99% variable APR
In addition
Our lowest available interest rate among all BankAmericard® products
No annual fee†
For more information on Preferred Rewards Program eligibility click here.

I don’t know how reliable their approvals are.
I also prequalified for the cap one qsvisa.

Should I just continue to garden?

Hard pulls are
EQ 4
tu 6
ex 4

The cards I have are
cap 1 secured (1st card) $ 650
Cap 1 QS mc $ 1500
Fingerhut $ 800

Secured loan $ 2500. $ 1500 bal.

Fingerhut come up under store credit. I don’t understand how it is calculated? In myfico it is included in my revolving credit utilization.

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