BOA has me irritated with CLI

BOA has me irritated with CLIBOA has me irritated with CLI
pavingTarma asked 4 years ago

I have a total of 3 BOA cards. Two of them I have had over 2 years. I have NEVER received an increase on any of them. I have always found that odd. Any CLI that I would ask for involves a hard pull with them and honestly, I’m not willing to take it. So, I have never hit the love button, but have always found it strange they have never given me an increase after this amount of time.


So tonight I decide to contact them (the most annoying rep “chat” convo ever…he was so confusing). Anyhow, in the end, they proceed to tell me that the CUSTOMER has to call them and tell them “Turn on my auto increase button”…like seriously? We are supposed to know that this is not something that automatically happens within your company like it does every other company that I have ever dealt with? We have to tell you that we want an increase when available?? Seriously?  I’m completely stunned at this. Anyone else with BOA had this same issue or had to “tell them” they want their auto increase button turned on?


So he claims he “flipped my button” and it will take about 3-4 months of them reviewing to offer an automatic increase.


I’m still stunned….

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