Blue Sky compared to Venture One??

Blue Sky compared to Venture One??Blue Sky compared to Venture One??
RichEventNN asked 5 years ago

so like I said on a previous post after I get out the garden and pay down some balances I want to get 2 Amex’s and close my venture one. I’m looking at the Blue Sky with no AF and the rewards look similar, you just use the points on eligible travel purchases as statement credits? Would these be a good switch? If so I can also get the Delta Gold and use that and my Gold AAvantage (PC’ing to Platinum Select soon) for flights and airline purchases and the Sky for other travel (hotel, cars, train) is this a good strategy?
How to get free google play ebooks for free! No credit card! Plus access US playstore.

Rose Parak replied 5 years ago

Can someone help?
I have a nexus 7 and an iPhone, I just downloaded the Google play music on
my iPhone to listen to the music on my tablet on my iPhone. How wet when I
try to log into my google account for the music on the iPhone app, it’s
says you need an account to access. I tried to google but couldn’t find
much except you need to do it on the website not the app and you need
credit card details to sign up, but I’ve already got a google account, I’m
just trying to sign in on the iPhone app but it’s not letting me! Please
help it’s so annoying!

Muhammad Fathullah Karim Ahmad replied 5 years ago

Aaaaa!! Thank You!! It workkksssss

KeanTheCoolGuy replied 5 years ago

Thx dude your very helpful I sub you and liked thx bro

System replied 5 years ago

This doesn’t work….

musaddiqali1 replied 5 years ago

Shithead, it’s clear you have a Google Wallet account which is assigned
with your Google play store. So it’s obvious, it will not ask you for a
Debit/Credit card. What about people without a credit card? 

XxPriViLeGxX replied 5 years ago

You just downloaded a free E-Book for free .. For this you can use the
german store too .. Silly guy

Rainbow Stalker replied 5 years ago

doesn’t work for me :(

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