BK friendly and not so friendly lenders

BK friendly and not so friendly lendersBK friendly and not so friendly lenders
ilbon777 asked 5 years ago

Someone was recently asking about CC companies policies toward BK. Here is my personal experience. I had a BK-business related in 2012. Only included a couple of accts that were non mortgage related. My first CC was with credit one – unsecured. I since cancelled not wanting to pay the AF.  My FICO is now avg of 700 3 bureaus. Cap One, Barclays, Discover, Sears, Kohls, Chevron/Texaco and Target all gave me CL with the highest from Cap One 20k. Chase declined me but hinted approval might happen in another 12 months. B of A and AMEX both said hell no and dont bother re-applying until the BK is off my record. I was able to get a decent 7% auto loan (2014) vehicle for 30 k from CHASE. I have not tried Citibank due to reading other posts that they are not BK friendly. So there you have it for what its worth from a newbie! 

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