Best CC signup bonus, lots of home improvement coming

Best CC signup bonus, lots of home improvement coming
ilbon777 asked 3 years ago

Hi everybody,


A quick snapshot of my credit…  Hovering around 750 credit scores, I have a BoA Rewards card and two others that don’t really have any rewards.  I just bought a home in the past two months or so, hasn’t shown up on my credit report.  I have a lot of work that I will be starting, so I will be spending a fair amount of money and would love to take advantage of signup bonuses.


Two things that I ‘think’ are important for me are 1) I don’t really use credit cards a whole lot, so the ones that have big annual costs are a turnoff for me.  I use my BoA rewards card for all my monthly re-occuring costs.  2)  I suppose I would love a card that has a hidden trade line, just because it would be my only CC that has that feature.  But, that’s probably not a deal breaker if it isn’t hidden….


The amount of money will be in the thousands, easily…  new electrical, new windows, some appliances, furniture, etc.  



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