Best cash bonus, currently?

Best cash bonus, currently?Best cash bonus, currently?
TeletraderuSax asked 4 years ago



I am asking for my mom (great credit, very few cards, less than my five, currently).


She wants to open a CC with a great sign up bonus and I have sort of narrowed it down to the American express charge card, PRG, which I think at one point was 100k? but now is 50k points with 1K spend.


Also looking at Citi’s Premier TY card that is 50k points as well, with 3k spend.


Naturally I’d want to go for American express because it is less spend (don’t care about the AF, she’s not a bonus churner but definitely wants to partake this time). But that doesn’t matter either because she’s planning to pay for my sister’s tuition with the card…


I don’t know why American express is less spend for the same amount of points BUT I do see the AF is higher, and it doesn’t say you can redeem for cash (but does say statement credit, that is the same almost?) but citi allows for cash and also has lower AF.


Is there any other cards we should be looking at?  If there was one with no-AF it is even better…


Thanks in advance!

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