Best Amex to get???

Best Amex to get???Best Amex to get???
exejoir asked 5 years ago

So I went on an app spree and I’m currently content with the cards I have but later on this year I wanna do a little bit more cleaning up of my profile and be done with cards for good and work on getting my car refinanced and a mortgage. Currently my profile is as follows:

BofA Cash rewards: $ 1000
AAA member rewards: $ 1000
Citi forward: $ 1000
Citi Gold AAdvantage: $ 4500
Cap One Venture: $ 3000
Macy’s: $ 2500
Kohl’s: $ 1500
American Airlines “store” card: $ 2500

AAoA: 1.7 years, oldest account was October 2011, UTI about 33%, numerous inquiries since this year. I plan on paying my utilization down to under 20%, increasing the lines on all the $ 1000 limits, and then closing the American Airlines card and Venture (nice card but Capital One is trash). After I do this, I want to apply for 2 Amex’s.

My question is, which Amex’s would best for someone with my credit profile? I like to travel and I’m trying to stay away from annual fees but I’m not against them. Any advice? I will have no CC apps in the past 6 months but 20+ in the last 12
Jez Commits Credit Card Fraud – Peep Show

Peep Show replied 5 years ago
jt663 replied 5 years ago

fucking Elgar 

DarrenBonJovi replied 5 years ago

Cut yourself a bit. I never thought of that.

Glen Quagmire replied 5 years ago

Being homeless fucking sucks!

LookButDontTouchButt replied 5 years ago


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