Before You Get A Citicard….read this…

Before You Get A Citicard….read this…Before You Get A Citicard….read this…
ivusanaxo asked 5 years ago

Before you take out a credit card with Citibank, read this.  Atfer you read this you might want to open a credit card with another lender.  This is my experience over 6 years of having a credit card with Citibank….


Citibank is the only large bank where you cannot call in and talk to a credit analyst about getting credit line increases on their products. I have numbers for Chase, Bank of America, Barclays, and Penfed, to name a few. You call these numbers and you immediately talk to a human. There is no fluff or holding, they just answer and work with you. When you can get in touch with a human that will actually listen to what you have to say and your credit situation, it really means something. I have been banking with Citi for 14 years and the more I think about this, the more I believe it’s like they hide behind a curtain and you can never “talk” to the people that can actually help you or actually care about your situation. Let me give you an example. If you have a Bank of America credit card and you have worked hard at managing it, you can call, talk to a real credit analyst, explain your credit situation, and they actually hear your side of the story. You cannot do this with Citibank. They do not bend on their credit policies either. Take it from me, I have banked with them for 14 years. Don’t you want a bank that does not hide behind a curtain and never bends, ever. Bank of America at least will work with you and even though you might not meet all their credit criteria for a credit limit increase they will give you one because they see you are trying and see progress, but more so see and hear your entire credit picture. Citi does not do this. If you have one too many inquiries, forget it, you will not get an increase. With my experience over the years, Barclays and Bank of America are more understanding about these matters and in the end, this is what we want in a bank. After all, they are holding and using our money. 

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