barclay interest charge question.

barclay interest charge question.barclay interest charge question.
fashion asked 4 years ago

I am a little confused how interest is charged.

My billing cycle for 02/09/15-03/08/15 showed statement balance of $ 79.55, which min. payment due date is 04/05/2015. I purchased over $ 1400 worth of stuff throughout that billing cycle, and i tend to pay it down before the statement cuts, in this case i left this balance of $ 79.55.

well due date came along on 04/05/2015 and i forgot to pay the min. payment, and called the next day to pay it and was also waived the late fee.

i am now looking at statement 03/09/15-04/08/15, and they are charging me interest of $ 28.09 based on $ 1322.94 @24.99%

is interest amount based from previous billing cycle 02/19/15-03/08/15? if its not, none of my statements carry a balance of $ 100 or more.

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