Balance Transfer Utilization

Balance Transfer UtilizationBalance Transfer Utilization
ivusanaxo asked 4 years ago

Ok, im new to the forums and this is my very first post. I have been following many threads closely and have a few questions. 


I currently have a chase freedom card with near 100% utilization ($ 3,000)19% rate. I also have a best buy card with $ 600 balance (0 intrest) and BOA with a balance of $ 300 23%. My Cap 1 has an open limit of $ 6500 18% rate (recently reduced from 22%). would it be a wise decision to do a balance transfer to Cap 1 inorder to clear all my cards and pay that one balance off as I can? I figured that would lower my total utilization across the board. Im currently trying to rebuild my credit the most efficent way possible.


Thanks for all help and responses.

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