August could be a good month…

August could be a good month…August could be a good month…
pavingTarma asked 5 years ago

Summer is ending soon but many things could be happening next month which will positively affect my credit.


First off, I have 5 collections on my reports.


– 1 paid by insurance last year, closed, but still there on all 3 bureaus.  Sent a gw this week.  Waiting to see now.

– 2 will be paid and ca agreed on pfd.  I will pay monday when I get paid from work.

– 1 open, unpaid, ca wont do pfd.  Sending disputes to both bureaus the entry is on via mail today.

– 1 falling off.


Also, my secured cap 1 card should be arriving any day now.  I will spend around $ 16 to keep util at 8% each month.


If my score gets good enough soon, I will buy a car.  My fico scores didn’t generate because I don’t have established credit for 6 months or more, until today, I see ex has my fico score of 602 (according to cct).  Ck has my scores at 552 (tu didnt update yet from my au last week unlike eq) and 683 for eq.


August will likely see some good scores!

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