AU/employee cards reporting to CRAs?

AU/employee cards reporting to CRAs?AU/employee cards reporting to CRAs?
Melvinmon asked 5 years ago

I want to have some way to have my partner charge things on my account if need be, without affecting her credit. For example, I had to send her over to pay a mechanic while I was traveling, and at that time I’d put her as an AU on my Sallie Mae. This meant it was reported on her CR (despite my not giving her SSN or any other info to Barclay), and while it doubled (or more) her available credit, I was running Sallie Mae pretty warm on a promo for a few months so it messed her scores up. 


I’m pondering Chase Ink Plus next spring, and could give her an employee card on that. Or I’d consider making her an AU on another card.


Are employee cards on small business cards reported on the employee’s CRA? 


Alternately, are there any good cards or issuers who don’t report AUs? I have reasonable relationships with Citi and Chase, and a bit of Amex. 

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