Are they serious? Capital One PERMANENT Blacklist!!!

Are they serious? Capital One PERMANENT Blacklist!!!Are they serious? Capital One PERMANENT Blacklist!!!
fashion asked 4 years ago

Again to brief my issue: I filed for BK7 little more than a year ago (March 9th). I had to include Capital One for measly $ 300 limit and no other Capital One cards or co-branded cards.


I checked pre-qual often, nothing comes up….I once a while cold app’ed, still denied WITH no credit pull. I decided to send e-mail to Capital One’s CEO office. I got the letter explaining how pre-qual works (I didn’t ask them that question!) They told me any other questions or concerns, I should call them with secured PIN# provided in the letter.


So I called them and they keep transferring me to “correct” department, the agent spoke with higher level about WHEN will my blacklist ends since most people’s BL ended up to a year. They told the agent that my Blacklist is PERMANENT! (no reason given!)


So here I am bringing that info on this awesome board to get your thoughts on that.


(sheese! PERMANENT? for THAT!?!?) LOL!

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