APRs going up?

APRs going up?APRs going up?
ivusanaxo asked 4 years ago

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I have a question regarding some APR increases…


Yesterday, I received some emails from MInt stating that some of the APRs on my credit cards were going up.  The funny this is most of these accounts new statements are not available yet until next month, therefore, it is a possibility it could be true.  I was wondering if there were any news out there in the media stating these cards APR will go up in 2016?  Is Mint scaring or preparing me for the future? Any details would be great. 


According to the emails from Mint it says these cards APRs are going up:


US Bank Cash Plus: 21:99–>22.24%

Chase Freedom: 22.99–>23.24%

Chase Sapphire Preferred: 15.99–>16.24%


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