Approved for PenFed Checking account !!

Approved for PenFed Checking account !!Approved for PenFed Checking account !!
NahouseOVarl asked 5 years ago

I know this may sound lame and I am sorry if this is in the wrong forum but I actually got approved for an account with PenFed They DO NOT use Chexsystems or EWS (Early Warning Systems) and they only check Equifax but it is a hardpull. The reason I am excited is because I have 2 bad marks on Chexsystems and 1 on EWS and no one has allowed me to open an account with them because of it but after some research I decided to give PenFed a try and it worked. Also note I AM NOT in the military nor am I a federal employee. I chose to pay $ 15 to a qualifying non profit to be able to get in. ALSO I asked the rep and they said you can use that one hard pull to see if you qualify for any of their other products so they wont add another inquiry to your credit. Another note is that my scores are around 580 with a few charge offs and a judgment….I almost didn’t apply because I saw a post that said you had to have at least 600 and no chargeoffs. So this is a post of me being excited to get a bank account with a reputable bank and to let people know if they want to establish history with another bank then they should try PenFed.

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