Applying for CLIs with new job

Applying for CLIs with new jobApplying for CLIs with new job
ubattoc asked 5 years ago

As you can see in my signature, I have a few cards with fairly low limits. Despite having them all for over a year (some going on 2 years) and a good FICO score around the upper 720s according to my free Discover score, I have had a fairly low income. I was a full-time student up until this past May, and the most I ever made was in 2014 and didn’t even break 10k.


This past week, I accepted my first real job with a salary in the mid 30s to start in a week and a half. With this new information, I’d like to start getting some higher limits (particularly for Discover – $ 500 after having the card for over a year and a half now is a bit disappointing). From previous experience, can anyone speak to whether I’d really get much of a response calling the companies and explaining that I have a new job? Will they be willing to give me a limit increase now, or should I wait? Would they ask for anything proving that I have this new job, and if so, what? All of the limits are the same as when I got them (except for Capital One; they gave me a $ 500 CLI 6 months in) so I should be getting something. I just always get turned down due to low income.

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