Apple iPhone Upgrade Program – CC’s

Apple iPhone Upgrade Program – CC’sApple iPhone Upgrade Program – CC’s
AnitaFedorova asked 5 years ago

Hi all.

(Mods, please move to correct topic- not sure where to post)


I’m very interested in upgrading my iphone and would really like to do Apples upgrade program, as part of their program is giving you an unlocked phone. As I travel internationally, this is a huge selling point for me.


Because I’ve gotten a few new credit lines in the past year, I have a few inquires on my report, and was wondering:


1) Will my current CC creditors see this inquiry and be worried? 

2) Would this inquiry hurt the same as a CC? 

3) Does anyone know what bureau the financial company Apple uses pulls on? (I believe it is Citizens One) 


Current Stats:


About 4 new accounts in last 8 months.


EQ: 5 Inquries. CK Score: 750

TU: 5 Inquries. CK Score: 742

EX: Probably around the same.



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