App Spree, why not?

App Spree, why not?App Spree, why not?
SamanthaInila asked 4 years ago

There appears to be some great divide over adding multiple cards in a short period of time. I realize a thick file can take a bit more w/o a huge negative impact and a thin file will feel the new cards a bit more. How long? 1 year, 2?


Downside is AAoA, right? What else?


If you add decent SLs, it is easier to keep util lower. Cards aging is a very good thing and once they are open you have at least 10 years of history.


The end game is to always use credit responsibly. Adding cards should have meaning behind them. Not to simply apply for every bank or store card out there. But why not get the ones you want/need if you can?


My personal situation. I have a few old closed accounts that will fall off. I built my scores, got all the cards I wanted and now plan to let them grow. I did not see a huge impact. If I had waited and only brought in 1 new account every 6 months or a year – my AAoA would have taken a huge hit. Now I have some built in security to absorb the lose of closed accounts. I understand my profile is different from others.


If you dont plan on a mortgage, heloc or car purchase in a year or two – why wait?

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