Anybody still have a Forward???

Anybody still have a Forward???Anybody still have a Forward???
Niikolay asked 5 years ago

I have been going back and forth with what I wanna do with my Forward for months. I CLI it from 2500 to 3700 then moved 2700 of my CL to my AAdvantage card cuz I think I’ll make more purchases on that one. I cut it up and said I would let it close on it’s one but as much as I eat out the 5 TYP are great and so is the select and credit and APR reductions. I only want to have cards from BofA and Citi (and hopefully Amex) after its all said and done so I’m wondering if it’s just worth holding onto and using as a dining out card and waiting for an offer later. It’s also my oldest card
How To Buy Anything Online w/o a Credit Card

tai velaquez replied 5 years ago

I need xbox 360 live Gold. Please can ANYONE help ­čÖü I tried for ever!´╗┐

Mikolaj B replied 5 years ago

Where do I buy it? lol´╗┐

Matthew K. replied 5 years ago

If you make a PayPal account using pre-paid cards, do you have to have a
bank account in order to RECEIVE money on PayPal? For example, I will be
streaming on and want to open a “Donations” tab to my PayPal.´╗┐

atymo yuki replied 5 years ago

he got so much SWEGGG´╗┐

Jun Choe replied 5 years ago

Can u recharge it?? Or buy another card if u use all the money´╗┐

jonh kom replied 5 years ago

Can I use this for eBay´╗┐

roger moore replied 5 years ago

wow really i didnt know that thanks for sharing Aaron Jones. This video is
pointless and I still see people commenting that they didnt know this.
There are some stupid people on YouTube. Half of you all can’t spell or
even make sense in your comments.´╗┐

Brad Zahn replied 5 years ago

Buying stuff online you still have to pay the amount of hst that would
charge in a store where you live so yes you still pay tax´╗┐

Wildslash Gaming replied 5 years ago

How do I get one of these in the uk?´╗┐

kyo terry replied 5 years ago

get a life loser
not commenter the youtuber making this video´╗┐

Towelie MCtowel replied 5 years ago

this video is gayer than aids´╗┐

Susanna Soderstrom replied 5 years ago

Here’s another tip, if you shop online, go here to get cash back on your
Ps. Refer a friend and get $20… ;)´╗┐

Miguel Pablo replied 5 years ago

How old do you have to be to get one?´╗┐

Davyeon Raspberry replied 5 years ago

I need help with the information´╗┐

Akshay Vichare replied 5 years ago

Seriously! You’re telling me to go to a Convinient store and get a Prepaid
Credit card….I live in India. We don’t find such stuff in local shops lol
If you knw where i can get it,let me know ´╗┐

cow16 replied 5 years ago

how to buy stuff without a cc card. Get a debit card. This video is

XxTouhouGamerxX replied 5 years ago


freddy collin replied 5 years ago

How old do you have to be to get one?´╗┐

LastDayStudios replied 5 years ago

wtf? ´╗┐

Karlo Beraam replied 5 years ago

Hey, can someone help me please?
I bought the paysafecard and want to buy on eBay but i cant. And how can i
transfer that money to PayPal safely?´╗┐

Gregory Tate replied 5 years ago

Does this really works?´╗┐

john hudson replied 5 years ago

u either need a cc or bank account it doensnt have to be a cc´╗┐

Liliana Rose replied 5 years ago

I’ve tried to buy something with a American ex gift card and it doesn’t
work :(´╗┐

Lauxux replied 5 years ago

so do i need a playpal account to use the card online?´╗┐

Miguel Villagomez replied 5 years ago

Do you get charged with monthly fees ??´╗┐

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