Any site with a list of rewards cards by MCC?

Any site with a list of rewards cards by MCC?Any site with a list of rewards cards by MCC?
JosephImips asked 5 years ago

Tried Google and found some individual cards but wondering if there’s any consolidated list available of card rewards matching MCC’s (Granted this would change over time).


Have ran into two sorta dumb issues with rewards within the last few months and trying to optimize it better without trial and error:


Amazon Kindle purchases – Record Shops =MCC 5735




The first one was solved neatly thanks to a Nixon suggestion of simply purchasing Amazon GC which garners full Sallie rewards, and using that as the payment for Kindle purchases.  


The second, Sallie doesn’t recognize as a grocery store; however, reading the terms and conditions apparently both the BOFA Cash Rewards and the Duck card do recognize it as Grocery… which brings up the question of if there’s any quick way I can look up online transactions which sometimes come in with squirrley / unexpected MCC codes, and see what card is suited for it?  Google didn’t pull up results from the usual forums that I could find easily though I’m going to continue digging, figured would ask here if someone knew somewhere offhand.


Many thanks!

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