Any Advice??

Any Advice??Any Advice??
TeletraderuSax asked 4 years ago

Hello everyone:


I am working to rebuild my credit.  In my signature line, you will see what current stats.  About 75% of my inquires are going to drop off this year or be older that 1 year so it won’t count against my store.  As for the negatives om my report, almost all of them are medical bills and over 3 years old.  I do have 2 Capital One cards that are still reporting monthly that I haven’t made the payment but Experian  is reporting they will drop off in late 2017.  I believe that is hurting my score as the balance is double the credit limit.  I believe when those drop off, I should see a positive increase on the score.  I have 23 credit cards, 2 auto loans and 2 installment loans that are paid ontime monthly.  I believe that is a lot of positive lines reporting monthly.  My utilization is high.  I pay my cards off in full every month but with all my business and persoanl expenses, it reports high balances.  It is about 45% now.


Does anyone have any advice what I can do besides not apply for anything else and let the accoutns grow?  I really do not want to pay off any of the collections.  I rather just have them age off.  I am working with Lexington Law ( I know people here hate them but they have worked for me over the years).  When I started my rebuilding in 2014, I had 208 negitives across all 3 reports and now I have alot less.


Thank you everone.



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