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NikkiTut asked 4 years ago

Every year i try to get my free reports and every year they pull the same crap…asking some question that has nothing to do with my report and I cant possibly *reasonably* answer.

This years questions…

1 What type of hunting license did you have………?

2. which of these phone numbers have you EVER used?

3. what year is your honda civic?


1…uh…what the **** does a hunting license have to do with my CREDIT report again??? Ive had a lot of hunting licenses and I cant remeber what type each of them were for god sake.


2. EVER? Seriously? I cant remember my CURRENT phone number to save my life and you expect  me to remember EVERY phone number for the last 32 years(since I turned 18, I assume)???


3. I DONT OWN a honda civic. my wife DID when we got married but it was never in my name…so does that count or not?


**** *** *** , man…what happened to asking CREDIT related questions that I CAN  answer instead of this crap I probably wont be able to answer correctly.


Who do I complain to about this?

Im thinking the Federal Trade Commission ?


sorry for the rant but this is getting to be a pain

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