Amex Upgrading/Converting Card Policy

Amex Upgrading/Converting Card PolicyAmex Upgrading/Converting Card Policy
Edwardkig asked 4 years ago

Here’s my situation: I have had two Amex cards since 1999. I have had the Amex Blue since it first came out, and had the Amex Optima Platinium also since ’99. I converted the Amex Optima Platinium to an Amex Everyday card a couple of months ago since the orignal card was no longer being offered. That was suposedly my only option to convert to.


Now Amex is saying they are going to convert the Amex Blue to an Amex Everyday. I don’t want to have two Amex Everyday cards, but they are saying that they can only convert a card within the same family. They told me I can apply for another card, but obviously that woud be a HP and effect my AAOA. 


Is there no other way to change the card to another card by a back door approach? Is this a situation where I contact the EO?


I’m irritated since I’ve been with them since 1999, they know my EX score, have a perfect track record, but it seems somewhat of an inflexible stance that you can convert only within a card family. I’m sure others have encountered this before. 

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