AMEX Soft Inquiry Confusion

AMEX Soft Inquiry ConfusionAMEX Soft Inquiry Confusion
richeventtula asked 5 years ago

So I applied for a CLI on my AMEX and was denied. I got the denial letter in the mail and it said they pulled my Experian FICO on April 18th. But when I go to check the soft inquiries on my Experian report as of today to see if they have pulled a new soft inquiry, I dont see ANY soft inquiries from AMEX. Not even the one from April 18th. The only ones I do see from AMEX are from when I applied for cards and was approved – hard inquires.


So may question is “what the heck is going on?!”..

I really want to know when they do a new soft pull bc my score has increased greatly since their last pull and I want my CLI. But I dont see any soft pulls from AMEX – not even the one from 4/18. So im really confused here. Any ideas what might be going on and when they might do a new soft pull on my report?


Thanks a ton and happy memorial day weekend guys and gals! 

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