Amex PRG vs. Chase Sapphire Preferred vs. garden?

Amex PRG vs. Chase Sapphire Preferred vs. garden?Amex PRG vs. Chase Sapphire Preferred vs. garden?
Josephsit asked 4 years ago

Having added a few decent cards to my wallet over the past year, I figured I’d sit back and let my (extremely low) AAoA increase for a while… but since I have some large purchases coming up (an engagement ring, and–assuming that goes well and she says yes–a wedding Smiley Very Happy) that would help me meet minimum spend for bonuses way more easily than my normal frugal spending habits, I’m reconsidering!


My current cards are:

BoA Travel Rewards $ 8000

BoA Cash Rewards $ 2900

BoA Better Balance Rewards $ 6000

Discover It $ 6000

(there are a couple of older accounts that unfortunately closed d/t lack of use a couple of years ago, before I realized how helpful keeping them open could be)


Scores on CreditKarma are currently 741 TU, 764 EQ, and the scores I’ve seen from CC applications ranged from 720 to 770. My Discover It FICO shows up as 763. All cards paid in full every month, utilization typically under 5%, 1 open collections account (embarrassing–library fines for lost books that I’m in the process of rounding up; can’t bring myself to pay the fines when I know I can reduce them substantially by locating and returning the damn books)


Since a lot of my everyday spending is in travel and dining, and the best I rewards I currently have for those categories is 1.6% on the BoA Travel Rewards, I’m thinking of adding another card that either focuses on those or has a higher cashback percentage across the board.


I’ve been skittish about annual fee cards in the past, but the Amex PRG with a 50,000 bonus offer is tempting me (Platinum with a 100,000 bonus is tempting too, but the $ 450 annual fee just doesn’t seem like it could possibly be worth it for me right now). Then I realized I’m currently at 4 new accounts in the past 24 months, and should decide if I want to try for anything with Chase before applying for anything else–and Chase Sapphire Preferred’s 2x points on travel and dining is looking pretty good. I have prequal offers on Chase’s website for CSP, Freedom, and Slate. 


What do you think my approval odds are for CSP vs. Amex PRG? Or are there other cards I should be considering with good rewards and approval odds that don’t have an annual fee? Or with my AAoA currently less than 1 year, should I stick with the original plan and just leave things the way they are and not risk the hit from HPs and possible denials?

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