AMEX Green to Gold, AF a non issue

AMEX Green to Gold, AF a non issueAMEX Green to Gold, AF a non issue
NeldaFer asked 3 years ago

I thought I was trying to upgrade my Amex Green to Gold. It turns out however that I was approved for a stand alone Gold. Though I am happy my credit has come very far from mymilitary no money sense then divorce days, do I need two Amex cards? Are they same? Are both both good cards in themslves to keep both? I really am attached to my Green, closing it will be very hard to me.

I however want to do whats best for my score and my future score.

Is the Gold invisible credit line higher than my Green? Is there a way to tell? 

Ill also state AF are no big deal to me so they are a non factor. I spend that much plus way more in junk food and video games. At least my cards work for me.

So best cousre of action,keep both and keep striving for 800 cs?

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