AmEx fastest delivery personally recieved

AmEx fastest delivery personally recievedAmEx fastest delivery personally recieved
fashion asked 3 years ago

Color me impressed. I have to share.


Amex app 3/22.  Had to call in for some verification, I’m in the midst of moving and not all CR are updated.  Amex offers to expedite my card. Email this morning, card is shipped. DBF tells me a package arrived at lunch.  It’s my Amex card. 3/25.


WOW. AmEx has this brand new customer feeling like a VIP.  They offered to expedite my card after, and I quote, “The hassle (I) was put through during the application”


I feel like a VIP.  AmEx has romanced me.  Here’s to a long relationship.  Super impressed folks.  Some cards take a month (coughchasecough).

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