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Amex Customer ServiceAmex Customer Service
richeventyar asked 4 years ago

I just thought i would share my experience with their chat/phone service. So i hate when you call it asks for the account number vs Discover or CSP just press 0. But i enjoy their customer service, it seems they have a department for everything and are just willing to give you the numbers for it.


Currently i was able to get their department that deals with Credit Limits/Increases/Spending Ability. Which when i called about the spending ability they said our max. spending is, and they were able to tell me how i could increase it if needed (which was just call credit dept. and ask for the increase of spending ability) and how they determine the spending ability. Granted this info can be found online but the rep i spoke to gave more information then other lenders i felt. She also mentioned quite a bit more info that isn’t listed on the website, but i cannot recall what information it was. I just know she was blunt and honest about the info i was wanting. 


Today i was chatting and was able to get the number for the department for their Pay Over Time which just thought it was interesting there was a “dedicated department”
 for that per the chat rep. 


I am just amazed over these little things even though its probably not a huge deal to others. I just feel some lenders just don’t give out the information they have given to me so far. 

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