AMEX CLI question

AMEX CLI questionAMEX CLI question
MangosteenMew asked 4 years ago

So this is my situation

I want to increase my Amex CL from 13,200 to 24,500

I have been with Amex for 4 years, started with the gold card and then received the blue cash at 4,400 and did the 3x CLI after 60 days and since then I never requested a CLI


I had a hight UTI unti last month (35%), and now I paid off many cards and my UTI is at 7%


I haven’t asked for a CLI yet because AMEX gives CLI based on their last SP and the last SP they have from me is when my UTI was 35%, so I hope they will SP me soon.

Is it true that when my next FICO score will be on my account, they should have a new SP on file ?


Would you guys recommend me to wait for a new SP to show up or could I be approved for a CLI with the higher UTI they have from the last SP ?



What happens if I apply for a new AMEX card ? will they also use a SP to determine if I’m eligible and if I’m approved then they will do a HP ?


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