Amex / Card Experienced Members ONLY!

Amex / Card Experienced Members ONLY!Amex / Card Experienced Members ONLY!
ubeposapes asked 4 years ago

No offense, Title is just to catch your attentionSmiley Tongue


I need advice on how to pay off my cards. I need experience posters that maintain 15k+ cards.or 10-50k that always get CLI.


okay, so, I can spend 5500 total a month on credit cards. and I have the 4 below. For the green card, planning on putting only my netflix bill on it.



For the other three I need help. I want to make a good impression ofnAmex to get my CLI at 61 days and soon as I get the card I will request a CLI because the limit they gave me is bs. Anyway, I need the communities guidance on how to maintain three cards as well as what to pay on each of them. 


Questions to myself that i need answering as well. Do not forget to include answers to the above inquiries as well

1)Do I pay in full, thinking to gain a good relationship with Amex and Capital one and leave maybe a 1-5% utilization on the green card, rest of cards 0%.

2) do I leave 0% utilization on Amex EDP (not counting gold card because that has to be paid in full) and 1% on capital one.

3)Amex closing dates is the 11th for the prg and 17th for EDP. I do not understand when to pay by before they report the utilization. Also, how many days not to use it after closing date to be safe. (don’t understand closing date… other cards have a billing due date and a closing date whereas Amex has only a closing date.

4) Leave 1% utilization on each card. (don’t know if I do this if it will give me max potential to get CLI.

5)1-5% utilization does not mean total utilization so maybe I need to count my total credit offered and take the percent from that.. 100 dollars of 6k would be 1.6% utilization. good enough? or higher ?


PLEASE  HELP ME TO UNDERSTAND and how much to put on each card 5500…

CL for each card


EDP 1k (call soon as I get the card and ask for 5k)


PRG NSPL (just got it yesterday in UPS fancy next day after apply mail. spent 300 so far on it and approved for 3500 for something  i wanted to pay.


Capital One 3k (got it yesterday, spent 300 so far)


First Hawaiian bank 2k (paid 1189 and left 100 balance on it = 5% utilization a closing. 


Okay guys, help me out please. Thanks in advance

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