Amex – Black List

Amex – Black ListAmex – Black List
NetMiner007 asked 3 years ago

As some of you will know, I was recently declined for the Amex everyday card. I got a call this week from Amex EO about a letter I sent and how disappointed I was on being on the Black List, with out any real options. 

A few pieced of information that they shared with me that I thought might be helpful to some people. 1- They don’t call it a black list they refer to it as an internal risk rating 2- Policy recently changed with Amex in regards to applicants with prior AMEX IIB, depending on how large the IIB Account was a members internal risk score will be to high for 5-7 years unless deemed excessive (wouldnt give me the magic number) but indicated that it would be 10 years. One exception to that rule is defrauding Amex in which case it will lead to a perminant high risk rating. 3- I had mentioned the optima program and how I originally asked for an invitation and was told no based on how my account was closed, They mentioned that it was true, IIB no longer qualifies for optima 4- I asked if I just paid back the balance if it would help, was told it would have no impact what so ever 5- reviewed my membership and said it looks like my Interal Risk Score would drop closer to the 5 year mark then the 7 year mark but couldnt tell me exactly when as it was propitary, made the suggestion to stay away from inquiries in order to get back in. 6- AU accounts impact the IR score allot when you do not have a primary account.

Happy with the information provided, looks like I may be able to get back in soon. 

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