Amex 61st Day CLI denied.

Amex 61st Day CLI denied.Amex 61st Day CLI denied.
subzopokatuff asked 5 years ago

Pretty much the opposite of what I have been reading. I was approved for Delta Gold Sky Miles and SRG on Feb 14th and 19th. Received the cards about a week later activated them and used the Sky Miles instantly for $ 1000 purchase on Delta vacations to get the miles and statement credit. Paid 65% of the balance before the first statement cut, and the rest before the second statement cut. I now use the card for $ 300 to $ 600 a month in spend and income is at $ 75K


I waited till the 61st day from activation and asked for a 3x CLI on the Delta card. SL was $ 2000 on a 686 Experian and they backdated my account to 1995. I had 2 Cap ones at SL of $ 500 each and at %10 utilization at time of app. 


My current FICO’s are EQ 753 TU 787 EX 763. I have a lot of new accounts, 19 since November of last year. and a lot of Inquiries as well. 14 on EX. After getting the Amex cards I discovered the SCT. LOL I was approved for a lot of them but only took on 8 that we might actually use. VS, HSN, Ann Taylor, Express, Buckle, all have stores close.


After apping for AMEX, I was on an app spree with Synchrony and was approved for a $ 3000  Lowes card that was Backdoor CLI’s to $ 25K a $ 3000 PPEMC, a $ 6000 Ebates signature Visa, a $ 2500 Chevron/Texaco Visa. I stopped apping when Amex declined my BCE after my CLI denial and wont get any more store cards either.


I guess I should call them and see when I might be able to get my first CLI, but what line. I heard Amex does not do recons on denials. Just call custome service and ask them when will I be able to get a CLI?

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