amex 25k CLI

amex 25k CLIamex 25k CLI
richeventvladimir asked 4 years ago

hi I have 2 amex each with 25k limit, if I ask for CLI what’s the chance that it will trigger financial review?  I think the salary I put before was 50 or 60k a year.


if they do FR and ask for documents, one of them they ask is bank statement, what do they want to see? how much you have in the account? I do have more than 60k in the bank account and 7k balance for both cards, and very high credit score. will the bank statement help/do? because I can’t provide tax return and payroll document.


so how much should I ask for the CLI? 5k more?


also want to ask for CLI in discover card as well, right now I got 19k and from an old thread I read afterf 15k they will do hard pull, do they still do that? also how much can I ask? thanks


another question, I applied for anohter amex last November, and few weeks later I got “cancelled request for credit report”  we have cancelled the application and instructed expreian to cancel the request for a credit report………what was that? I guess it’s a hard pull for a new card application? then later they decided to cancel it?




thanks for the help

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