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GoodvinLels asked 5 years ago

Hi all,


I’m really glad to be part of this site and its forums. All of the advice I have found has been really great!


I have two American Express credit cards. One for business and one for personal use. Around 2011 we decided to use a dmp to consolidate and pay off our personal credit cards, this American Express personal card included. At the same time we decided to pay off and close our business American Express card.


Fast forward to now. We are almost completely done with our dmp and both of my American Express cards are payed in full as of August! Today I called to just see what was going on with my business card and I was shocked to find out that they wanted to reinstate my account at its prior credit limit and would be mailing my new card out today! The business card debt was managed by GC Services. The personal card is a different story though and I was hoping I could get some advice.


The personal American Express was turned into a collection account managed by NCO Financial for American Express when we started our dmp. I didn’t realize they were handling the account since it was through my dmp. My problem is that the account is being reported as 90+ days late on my Experian credit report. The account was current when we joined the dmp and we have not missed any payments in the last 4.5 years. NCO and American Express can both verify that all my payments were made on time and the account is paid in full. I called every number I can find for American Express and have spoken to NCO several times and they are all saying that this is normal for the reporting and that there is nothing that I can do to remove it.


Does anyone have any advice on how I can proceed to possibly get that reporting changed on my credit report? I’m feeling a bit lost as I feel like I have exhausted all available options. Thank you guys for any help!

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