Am I being “double dinged”?

Am I being “double dinged”?Am I being “double dinged”?
DavidEthix asked 5 years ago

Hi everyone-


So I was reviewing my Equifax report today and it occured to me I have the same mortgage loan appearing twice.  The reason is when GMAC Mortage went belly up, my loan was transferred to Ocwen.  So I have two identical tradelines (one GMAC and one Ocwen) showing the exact same information.  I have since refinanced and am now with Chase mortgage.


Anyway, I had several 30 day lates back in 2010-2011 and was wondering if having this negative information is dinging me twice (for the same infraction).  If it is, should I dispute to get one of these tradelines removed?  It’s technically not inaccruate information; just duplicate.



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