Alternative rewards for a Best Western stay?

Alternative rewards for a Best Western stay?Alternative rewards for a Best Western stay?
Terrylen asked 4 years ago

I’ll be booking multiple rooms for multiple nights at a Best Western. My total spend might be $ 1500.


I don’t often stay at BW (as in several years between stays), and I’m not really looking for another major award travel currency.


I haven’t found any good alternatives, though. It looks like BW will let me pick AAdvantage miles as my earning preference, but only a flat 250 miles per stay. 250 miles on $ 1500 of spend would be a joke.


I guess I could join Orbitz rewards and book through there or something to have more flexible points. It’s not eligible for the Discover/ 5% off promo. I could also earn BW points and then convert them to airline miles. If the opportunity cost isn’t too high, I would like to use my Amex Platinum to work on minimum spend.


Ideas as to how I could earn more useful/flexible rewards? Potential promos to consider?


* I booked directly with BW since I could get a AAA rate. I opted to earn BW points, and I have the option to convert the 15k BW points to 3k AA miles (which certainly beats 250). Since my CC won’t be charged until I check in, and my minimum spend window will be over by then, I put it on CSP instead of Amex Platinum.

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