All My (NON)1%ers

All My (NON)1%ersAll My (NON)1%ers
ivusanaxo asked 5 years ago

For those who are into letting it “all hang out”, list the amount of cards you have in total. Then how many you allow to carry a balance over time(NOT paying in full after statement cuts).

I have 23 cards and am going to allow up to 6 to carry balances from now on. I previously liked seeing all but 1 card at 0(although that 1 reporting was over 60%). 3 reporting at the most.

I have one card at 50% now and the new ones are reporting at less than 30%(ie 1400/5000. 450/2500. 491/3000. 200/3000).

I was meeting spending bonuses and paid down balances. I’m so tempted to cancel the small balances out so my reports look “clean”(ie at 0) but I must fight it!

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