Advise on SDFCU Secured Visa

Advise on SDFCU Secured VisaAdvise on SDFCU Secured Visa
Maximccv asked 4 years ago

So I have the SDFCU Secured Visa and in February I increased the limit from $ 1,000.00 to $ 5,000.00 @ 7.24%. Just recently I was approved for a $ 7,500.00 Visa @12.24%.  I thought that they would unsecure my existing account and increase the credit line but I found out afterwards that it would be a new account.  My dilemnna is do I close the secured card and get my cash back or keep both accounts?  I dont want to decrease the limit. I want to move the funds to account with a better rate of interest.  Any suggestions or thoughts?  


This is the only secured credit card left on my credit report , will be 3 years old in June, and the oldest since my BK in 2013/combination of y Cap One accounts.

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