KeithSix asked 5 years ago

Hello all,

 For a long time, my credit was not decent. well into the low 500s, but last year, i was able to raise my credit close to 700, so I was very proud of myself that I was able to do that in a year. So recently, I went through an app spree. This was before Christmas, so my scores went down a bit. My scores were about 670ish and went down to about 640ish. My average age of accounts took a serious hit and now that is at 3 months. Not good, and i believe that is what is hurting my score the most. I think I am going to be in the garden for a while until I get my scores back up, and my average age up as well before I try for some of the more popular cards. So anyway, below are the cards I was able to get with my limits and my utilization. Can you guys give me your opinions on whether you think these cards are good or not? Also, any other advice of what I can do while in the garden. Some of the ones with the higher balance are my Christmas presents and a recent trip expense, and I intend to pay them in the next 3-5 months.   I tried to have a diverse wallet, but I may have gone overboard. Thanks for all your advice


Capital One Secured Card                   $ 500 limit     $ 100 balance

Capital One Quicksilver                      $ 2000 limit   $ 1300 balance

Best Buy Visa                                     $ 1000 limit     $ 500 balance

Home Depot                                         $ 500 limit         $ 0 Balance

Victorias Secret                                    $ 350 limit         $ 0 Balance

American Express HIlton Rewards      $ 1000 limit     $ 600 balance

Apple Rewards Visa                           $ 1500 limit     $ 300 Balance

Express                                                $ 690 limit     $ 100 balance

Overstock                                            $ 250 limit         $ 0 balance

J Crew                                                  $ 300 limit       $ 0 balance

Citi Double Cash MC                           $ 700 Limit       $ 0 balance

Target                                                   $ 300 limit   $ 200 balance

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