advice on best way to rebuild my credit

advice on best way to rebuild my creditadvice on best way to rebuild my credit
Irenehix asked 5 years ago

hello! looking to get some tips and sugesstions on the best way to get my score higher. 


Here is what my credit profile looks: 

Cap One Credit Tracker Score: 645

Credit Karma: 590 and 599



Here’s what I currently have: 


Citi Diamond Preferred   Opened 05/2013 $ 3500 limit

Capital One Secured:  Opened 04/2014 $ 900 limit 

Discover Student Opened 06/2013    $ 650

Bank of America Secured card 01/2014 $ 3000   – two years and hasn’t graduated! ( prod due to high utilization) 

Just opened cap one plat and QS1 today with $ 500 limit each. 



Cards I am an Authorized User on:


Cap One Plat  Opened 04/2011                   $ 1500

Cap One Secured 01/2011              $ 300

Discover                 03/2013                $ 1250



4 student loans – deferred payment until may 2018 – total balance $ 12,500



Only negatives:

No late payments on any account. 


Three verizon wireless accounts in collection charged off – about $ 700 each – from 09/2014  – not paid, working on settling, they wont do PFD. 


So all my cards were used 95% of the limit, just paid off all capital one cards today. I am scared of paying off the discover and Citi, because I am 99% sure that they will close the account with Adverse action as soon as I pay them off. 






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