Advice needed!

Advice needed!Advice needed!
Warrenseene asked 4 years ago

Hey everyone, just need some advice on my current situation.

BK discharged 09/2015
08/2015 opened AACU secured card for $ 250
08/2015 opened Credit One card for $ 300
09/15 opened shared secured loan NFCU

My original AACU secured card for $ 250 doesn’t graduate and reports secured. Both my credit one card and the installment loan haven’t reflected my credit report yet only my secured card has and got a boost of 30 points on EQ and 18 on TU. My question is, should I close my original AACU secured card and open up a NFCU secured card with a chance to have it graduate after 12 months? Or should I just keep my AACU secured card and open the NFCU secured card? Thanks!

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