Advice For Verizon Wireless Goodwill Letter

Advice For Verizon Wireless Goodwill LetterAdvice For Verizon Wireless Goodwill Letter
PhilipWen asked 5 years ago

My story: Excellent credit history with one exception: a Verizon Wireless end of contract balance that I didn’t think I needed to pay. I was wrong. Amount = $ 92, not disputing it. Paid at the first opportunity. Now it’s on my credit reports as a paid delinquency. I want to try removing it with a goodwill letter.


I’ve learned a lot about goodwill letters from this forum. Thanks for everyone’s advice and help.


Does anyone have advice about Verizon Wireless in particular? Are they more difficult than average to deal with? What seems to convince them?


Also: What’s the best address to use? Was thinking of their recovery center. Thanks guys.

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